Wisdom hunt

“Wisdom doesn’t fall from heaven, it comes with experience and age. But age is relative here. The longer you live, the more your chances of having diverse experiences. The key word here is experience. Experience may be practical or theoretical. When it’s practical, you felt it, saw it, learnt it, know it for yourself. That is why some courses require that you to go to the field and try out knowledge gathered. When it’s theoretic, you probably read about it or heard someone talk about it. Do not be quick to talk and always have an opinion in areas where you have no experience. When next you see your elders, don’t be quick to talk when they are talking, don’t roll your eyes and especially, don’t open your mouth and spew out your ignorance on an issue you haven’t experienced. Be silent and listen, you might learn a thing or two. You were given two ears to enable you can listen twice as much as you talk. So that even when you talk, you make more sense. This is how one can become wise.”