Protection for the Frontline Heroes

The Governor appreciates the donation of personal proctive equipment for healthcare facilities

RedAid Nigeria and DAHW (German Leprosy and TB Relief Association) donate personal protective equipment for healthcare facilities in Enugu State.

All over the world they are being celebrated – and rightly so! Nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers are at the frontline to respond to the outbreak of COVID-19. They show up every day caring for the people who come in sick while putting themselves at risk at the same time. Because no person is likelier to contract COVID-19 then the caretakers who attend to patients, not knowing whether or not they are dealing with a person infected by the new virus. While we are assuming that the people working in the healthcare system have access to protective gear, such as surgical face masks, the sad truth is that there is not enough protective equipment for all healthcare workers. Especially the ones working in rural areas, in smaller hospitals, far away from the bigger towns and their isolation centres – they are often lacking the material essential to protecting themselves from the infection with COVID-19.

Support for the most vulnerable in the crisis

Hand over to the Enugu State Governor

RedAid Nigeria and DAHW have taken action by purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare facilities in Enugu State. The Executive Governor of Enugu State, Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, received RedAid Nigeria and DAHW staff who handed over the material. His Excellency Governor Ugwuanyi thanked both organisations for the donations and expressed his gratitude by stressing that the personal protective equipment was essential in the fight against COVID-19.

For the coming weeks, RedAid Nigeria and DAHW are planning further distributions of PPE to healthcare facilities in other states.