Our shared journey in the year 2020

This year was a story for all of us and we focused on what connected us the most to advance our community.

The year started beautifully and as an organization we mapped all our programs for the year until Covid-19 struck. At first, it was panic, but we set up our Preparation plan hoping it wouldn’t get to Nigeria. And then the world completely shut down. Stunned, our preparation plan didn’t cover this and neither did many other organizations’. Our community is majorly the most vulnerable and Persons with Disabilities, who depend mostly on charities and goodwill from the general public. As everyone was striving to follow the protocol to stay safe, our community was striving to stay alive. It was a matter of life and death for everyone, but theirs was critically on death row so they became a priority. The protocol needed to be changed, while staying safe we needed to reach out to our community because they lack access to both information and basic life amenities. The world also reacted to these emergencies. As the scientists were and are still trying to find a way out, we needed to rely on social interventions to keep us safe. The cries for help were increasing, people needed more food and medical supplies to just survive.

DAHW (German Leprosy and TB Relief Association) our sister organization, set up a palliative distribution for the most vulnerable in our community. The Palliative distributions were carried out in 17 States of the Federation were 1,744 Persons (Persons affected by Leprosy, Buluri Ulcer, Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, and Persons with Disabilities) benefitted. We also got funding from German Consulate General in Nigeria for the purchase and distribution of Personal protective equipment to frontline health workers, the Enugu State Ministry of Health and 3 Faith-Based Hospital in Southern Nigeria benefited.

The battle is not yet over but we see a beacon of hope, we have shown resolve and determination to save all of ourselves. Nevertheless, extreme poverty has increased, more millions of people have been pushed to the edge. It is estimated that 88 million will join the already 150million living in extreme poverty by 2021. We must not let this trend continue, we did it in the face of adversity and so we can do more to help millions of people defeat poverty. These stories of poverty are our shared story, it is our sole responsibility not to leave anyone behind.

We have been hurt, brutalized, but we keep moving; the pandemic didn’t break us. We have lost loved ones, opportunities, but there is a greater opportunity in our shared story. There is going to be a turnaround for the better. Ours already started when we resumed the #GiftofLimbs program supported by ISHK Limb Center, in October 125 persons received prosthetic devices and more are being planned for in 2021.

 Lastly, we wouldn’t have made all this progress without your support, it is our shared story and we appreciate your immense contributions. Thank you as you continue to support the work we do and our community. We are wishing you the best of the holidays and a prosperous new year. #OurSharedStories

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