Our 2021 call to action!!!

If 2020 didn’t teach us anything, it taught us that when we come together as a community to pursue a common goal, there may be challenges, but we would often win. 

More humanitarian aid was given during this period than at any other time in human history and the race is not yet over. The world is walking back the rope of normalcy, more people are getting vaccinated against the coronavirus and we hope everyone is carried along.

In the meantime, many other crises persist. Millions of people have slipped into abject poverty, Neglected Tropical Diseases is rife and ravaging the world’s most vulnerable. Climate disaster is a warning we must take very seriously, and many more persons are suffering one form of injustice or the other especially persons with disabilities and minority groups.

We must use our gains of 2020 to ask for more, from the #BlackLivesMatter movement that questioned our humanity, to the #EndSars campaign that asked for everyone’s right to be respected. We must take advantage of this consciousness to ask for more in building a better community for all of us.

This year is a year of community participation and building. We must reintroduce volunteerism as a basic requirement of community engagement. So, Volunteer for a cause, give to a charity, and join a positive impactful movement. We have seen what selfless services can do, how it can change how people are treated. Now we must institutionalize it because more needs to be done.

Have a wonderful 2021 experience as we work together for our betterment!


Welfare Support for elderly persons affected by leprosy