Gift of Limbs Camp Continues

Orthopaedic technician measures a boy for a prosthesis

Fitting of prosthetic devices for already measured beneficiaries will take place in second week of October.

Social inclusion for persons with disabilities has become a global goal to improve their lives and incorporate them as stakeholders in community development. This goal comes with a huge responsibility because disability is extremely diverse, there are many peculiarities and each segment with their unique challenges.

There are over a billion people in the world today with some form of disability and a significant number of them have difficulties in every day life. Our mandate is to help in providing mobility devices to these vulnerable persons within our community. We believe that with mobility, they will be empowered to go about their daily business and become active members of the community.

A gift of limbs for 150 persons with disabilities

Our #GiftOfLimbs project provided 300 assistive devices to Persons with Disabilities in December 2019. We started this year with 150 Persons with Disabilities who have been measured in January but yet to be fitted due to the #Covid19 lockdown. These 150 Persons have been scheduled to receive their prosthetic devices starting from these Tuesday 6th October 2020 and will be completed on the 14th October 2020. The fitting will take place at Aruike Specialist Hospital Ebe, Udi Local Government Area, Enugu State.

This project is supported by ISHK Tolaram Foundation, DAHW German Leprosy and TB Relief Association Nigeria and The Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative. Other partners are the Enugu State Government and the Rotary Club New Haven, Enugu.

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