A case for Dignity!

Frequently asked questions: 
Do people still suffer from Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease)?

Fact: we have more than 2000 reported Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) cases in Nigeria annually.

Now here is the question many won’t ask: Why are persons affected by Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) often ostracized?

We are asking a different question; why is one of the most devastating infectious diseases not treated as a national emergency? If you stretch back to ancient history, you might undoubtedly not find any other disease that has carried so much of a stigma as Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease). With modern science, Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) is easily cured, especially if detected early. Another question is why are we not finding these cases earlier or why we still see Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) as a curse leading to much suffering, rejection, and stigmatization?

Persons affected by leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) at a Leprosy Referral Hospital, Southern Nigeria

Many organizations like ours that support the fight against Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) are always put in a tough spot: are we fighting a disease or are we fighting stigmatization? Come to think of it, it’s actually not that contagious, and many people are immune to it. 

This year’s message for the celebration of World Leprosy Day to be marked on 30th January is “United for Dignity“.  We are once again calling on everyone to join his/her voice and honor the experiences of people who have suffered from Leprosy. We must end the stigma and discrimination which persons affected by leprosy have suffered over the years. 

We are scheduling visits to Leprosy referral hospitals across Southern Nigeria; kindly sign up below to visit a center near you. You can also support the Elderly persons affected by leprosy under our care by donating to their monthly stipends. We are raising N5,000,000 and you can donate by clicking the button below.

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